Demo page only - this page is not published

This page is created to let you see what can be done for the forthcoming Cancer Research conference.

Conference dates are 18 - 19 March but remember that the Virtual version (perhaps without the immediate networking aspect) can stay live until the end of 2021 at no extra cost.

Below we will look at room styles and networking possibilities.

Stand up to Cancer 

Fun video produced for Stand up for Cancer - part of UK Cancer Research.

360 Walk Through

Single room created for European Commission conference. This type of room can be totally customised to your requirements. Video screens etc.

The room is populated with "INFO-tags"

These can include 

  • Text

  • Images

  • Videos - Play on screen and at full screen (linked from YouTube or Vimeo so that resolution is fully responsive and fast)

  • 1-2 page documents

  • Links to PDF

  • Hyperlinks to website

  • Hyperlinks to networking - Calendly/Conversation starter etc

4 room version with reception area for another European Commission conference.