Virtual Room Models

Your imagination is the limit!

Creating a Virtual Room

This page will work on mobile but for this explanatory page we recommend using a computer to see all the options available.

What can we make for you?
  • Art Galleries

  • Photo Galleries

  • Conference Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Show Rooms

  • Demo Centres

  • Training Rooms

  • Virtual Trade Show Booths

How can you use them?
  • To display your art or photography in a virtual setting

  • To hold a virtual conference or meeting

  • To create showrooms/demo and Training centres that do not exist

  • To have a virtual trade booth

They can be used on your website, your client's sites, for social media, in mailings

Make sure that they are interesting and that they are useful. We will show you how below:
The Process

We discuss your needs with you in detail. What size and type of model, what style, specific colour requests, flooring type, exterior areas etc. You may have an idea of what you need, in which case send us photos.

We create your room from scratch so it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish!

We can also model it on a real existing room.

We will normally do two previews before deciding on the final design and layout.

The final model is delivered as a URL code and an embed code that can be widely used. At this point "Info-Tags" can be added.

Explore our sample model

In the 3D model below you have an example of a simple room with many "Info-Tags" showing how these tags can be used in your model. Mouse over them to see what they are about and click to go to the tag.

Please note that the CYAN TAGS are all decisions regarding the style of the model. Once the model is completed, these are fixed.

The YELLOW TAGS are tags that can be easily added or modified or updated in the future. 


These can be used for:

  • Text

  • Videos

  • Images

  • PDF & Documents

  • Hyperlinks to your site and external sites

  • 3D Text Signage

  • Photo frames

Info-Tags style


  • You can choose different icons.

  • You can change the colour pairing.

  • You can have a stem going to the floor.

Make the tour interesting!

Always make tags interesting with relevant and helpful info.

Use short videos of approx 1 minute, and no longer than 2 minutes if possible.

Videos play inside the tour and can go full screen.

You can use YouTube or Vimeo videos - we recommend Vimeo.

Hyperlinks open in a new browser tab. Avoid too many hyperlinks that take people outside the virtual visit.

Avoid having too many tags so that it just looks like a mess.

Be creative and use interactive elements like quizzes or surveys.

Post the tour on your website.

Post a link on your Facebook.

Use a mini-video on Instagram.

Send a link via a mailing.

Share the model with clients during Zoom or other online video calls.