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3D Virtual Visit - Arles 2019

Make a 3D virtual visit of the Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography and Film. See the exhibitions on show at the world famous photo festival, the Rencontres de la Photographie Arles 2019. Located in a beautiful classic 17th Century building in the heart of the old Roman town of Arles, Provence, France.


The main exhibition is "Dancing in the Street", celebrating 60 years of Motown music. And 8 other amazing expos. 

First time users - click on black box for more info

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To move, just click or tap on a point in front of you, or click on the white circles on the floor.

Make an automated tour of the Motown exhibition by clicking on the play arrow at the bottom left.

Click on the coloured tags for more info and videos.

Change floor level at any time.

View the 3D Dollhouse model - rotate and zoom.

Click on the Yellow tags to listen to Motown music on your Apple iTunes or Spotify account, while you tour.

Quick links

If you want to start at a particular expo, just click on the link below

Dancing in the Street
60 years of Motown
New Silk Roads
Dominique Laugé
The Forgotten Children
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz
What's going on in Brazil?
Collectif Iandé
American Interiors
Matthew Casteel
Negativo 1930
Yvonne De Rosa
Bower Bird Blues
Ying Ang
Focus Taiwan
Isa Ho, Chia Huang, Hou I-Ting
Let us not fall asleep
David Denil
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