This page is only to show what is available for the 3D Virtual visit made of the C & I Showroom. 

At time of writing model requires addition of videos, info-tags etc

360 Walk Through

Visit the showroom. Move around with your mouse and/or keyboard arrows. Click on the 'Tags' for more information and videos.

Run the Showreel by clicking on the arrow at bottom left.

Click below for more HELP with your tour

help screen.jpg

Animated gif view

Great eye-catcher on websites, Facebook and Instagram

360 view

Can be placed on websites and Facebook. Not supported on Instagram. When viewed on a smartphone, the room turns as the viewer turns around!

Mini Video

Works on websites, Facebook and Instagram

Floor plan

PDF Floor plan.

This will be updated soon to show correct names of each area

Floor plan-74_Rue_Villeneuve__Clichy_921

Video example

This video is a zoom in from outer space to 74 Rue Villeneuve and we can then add a video walkthrough of the showroom.

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