2021 - Share with the World

If the world cannot come to Arles, let's take Arles to the world.


Create 3D/360 Virtual Visits of the top (10?) exhibitions at Arles 2021. Make these available on the Rencontres web site. Have an interactive map view showing where the exhibitions are located with link to virtual visit.

The venues can be scanned during the opening week, early morning or evening when the venues are closed.

The results will normally be available within 24 hours and can be easily added to the web site.

The MRO Foundation virtual visit of 2019 was placed on the Rencontres web site.


Below is the virtual visit of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation made in 2019.

Fully responsive for computers, phones and tablets.

Click on the arrow, watch the preview Showreel of 60 years of Motown music, then explore the space yourself using your mouse or keyboard arrows. Note in lower left corner, the 'Dollhouse' and 'Floor plan' icons

First time users - click on black box for more info

help screen.jpg

  • The visits can be shared on the Rencontres web site.

  • They can be sent to the press or partners around the world.

  • They can be shared by mailings and on social media.

  • They can be used by the artists on their web site or social media.


  • This is another option that can also be integrated into the Rencontres web site.

  • This map and its links can be made available in English and French.

  • On this map you see the Rencontres HQ in RED and the MRO Foundation is shown as a small green VR button. Click on them to see the options.

  • A lot of customisation is available with this map.


Charles Henniker-Heaton, owner of KIVO3D and team member of the Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation, will be in Arles for the opening week. He can stay longer if required. He will be scanning the Foundation to create a 3D Virtual Visit, as he did in 2019.


A small venue can be scanned in 30 minutes, larger ones may take 60 - 90 minutes. We typically take between 30 - 100 360 scan views.

The exhibition can be scanned before they open or after they close.

The venue needs to be clean and empty of people. The lighting needs to be on. 

The visit is normally available to the public within 24 hours.